Bergo Soft Tile

Bergo Flooring launches BERGO SOFT - a new series of soft, slip reducing and antibacterial flooring for wet areas to provide extra security and comfort in public spaces.

BERGO SOFT TILE gives opportunities to build a soft floor covering in any desired size; all or part of the floor area or narrow aisles. 
For a neat and pleasant ending to open surfaces are Edge strips and Corner strips available as accessories.

Bergo Soft is made of FDA-approved, antibacterial, 100% environmentally friendly, recyclable and UV-stabilized polyethylene. Each floor tile builds 38 x 38 cm and the height is 10.3 mm, and is available in several standard colours. A large range of colors are available as options.

Bergo Soft Tile


Stone Grey

Graphite Grey



Hot Red

Light Blue

AnyDesign - AnyColor

We have, in collaboration with the designers developed a wide and attractive range of colors that can be combined endlessly.
We call it AnyColor.

When ordering colors that does not appear in standard colors above, an additional fee for orders less than 300m2 will be charged. Minimum order 10m2.


True White

Shadow Grey

Metal Grey

Silk Black



Cedar Wood



Chocolate Brown

Spring Grass


White Cloud

Morning Blue

Steel Blue

Blue Heaven

Yellow Flame

Orange Glow

Hot Red

Blue Violet

Warm Violet


Silver Grey

Light Blue

Dark Blue





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Product Information


Slip reducing floor for public spaces in changing rooms, showers, swimming pool surroundings, spa, sauna, gym and other
wet facilities where the floor/mat needs to stay in place to provide safety and comfort.

Multifunctions Bergo Soft Tiles provides as floor floor protection:

  • Slip reducing and comfortable
  • Easy-draining
  • FDA-approved, antibacterial and non-organic material (not absorbing).
  • Adapts to the surface beneath – no need to smooth out any irregularities
  • Easy to install and move
  • Soundabsorbing
  • No maintenance
  • Withstand varying temperatures

All floors within the System 2-floors have an interlocking system with integrated expansion capacity, which makes it easy to install our floors in environments with fluctuating temperatures.

Our floors are 100% recyclable as a raw material, again and again, and can ultimately be incinerated at district heating plants for heating our homes, with no environmentally-harmful emissions.


Edge Strip for Soft Tile, System 2

By using Bergo edge strips, you will give your floor an attractive design.

Available in standard colors Soft Tile.


Technical specification



Made of FDA approved and antibacterial, 100 % environmentally 
friendly recyclable UV-stabilised PE-composite. 
FDA approved. No emissions. (No PVC).


376 x 55 mm (14,8 x 2,2 inches)
(4-pack = 1,5 m = 59 inches)
Thickness: 10 mm.


Consumerpack: 4-pack. 



Bergo Corner strip, System 2

Bergo corner strips together with Edge strips will give your floor an attractive design.

Bergo Corner strips System 2 with Edge strips are easy to install.

Available in all AnyColor colors.

Technical specification



Made of environmentally friendly recyclable PP-composite (polypropylene).
UV- and Colorstabalised for climat in Arizona.
FDA approved. No emissions. (No PVC).


55 x 55 mm. (2,2 x 2,2 inches)
Thickness: 10 mm.


Consumer pack: 4-pack. 



"The non-glue-installation"

There is no need for either glue or special tools when laying your new Bergo floor. All you need is a rubber mallet and perhaps a yardstick and a saw.


1. Start in a corner: see the picture. Remember always to turn the protruding rings in the same direction (forwards).


2. Fix the tiles with the connection taps over the protruding rings and fit them together with sharp strokes of a rubber mallet.

3. Completed.

Remember, before you install the flooring: To make sure it functions well, always install a Bergo floor on a clean, hard and even surface. Allow a certain distance from walls, doorsteps etc. if the flooring is likely to be exposed to varying temperatures.

Technical Specification


Made of FDA approved and antibacterial, 100 % environmentally 
friendly recyclable UV-stabilised PE-composite. 
FDA approved. No emissions. (No PVC).

Size of tile:

377,2 x 377,2 mm.
The tile builds to the size of: 380 x 380 mm
Thickness of tile: 10,3 mm.


Maxi pack: 5 m² / carton. For project.
Pallet: 180 m²


Point load:

350 ton/m² = 3500 kg/dm².



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