Bergo Flooring winner of the prestigious competition!

At the world's largest flooring trade show Domotex, which was held in Hannover about a week ago,
Bergo Flooring got enormous attention when they newly launched new products in the ECO series –
floorings made of 100% recycled materials.
Of a total of about 1350 exhibitors, 60 companies where chosen in the competition "fair's most
innovative product." The jury consisted of the multiple international award - winning industrial
designer Stefan Diez, director of the world-leading flooring wholesaler Copa eG - Manfred Birkenstock,
founder Brandherm + Krumrey Achitects - Susanne Brandherm , chief editor of Constance Wand Decke
- Stefan Heinze , specialist editor of Schoener Wohnen - Kirstin Ollech and industry expert and editor
of the Holz- Zentralblatt - Charles A. Wildermuth.
Style Park, a leading international platform for architecture and design, arranged 5 guided tours with
visits to the selected companies . A total of about 100 journalists and architects who all visited
Bergo Flooring booth and there were presented with information about the company and its products.
Bergo Flooring eventually became one of the 15 winners in the flooring category, and the jury's favorite!
"It is quite amazing that the synthetic coating from Bergo Flooring can be used as tennis flooring.
It's actually really cool. My favorite is Bergo ECO Tennis from Bergo Flooring, says Stefan Diez,
chairman of the competition.
" We have worked extremely hard to become the most ECO - friendly manufacturer of multi-functional
floor tiles. One challenge was to produce a 100% recycled material, which passed our strict requirements
for quality and not least continuity. We succeeded and can now offer our ECO series, which actually
contributes to a reduction in mountains of waste. It is enormously stimulating and enjoyable that we
can hold our own among all the world and major flooring manufacturers" says Eric Anderzon CEO and
partner of Bergo Flooring AB.


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In the picture we see Emil Lindén, marketing manager for the Nordic region, as interviewed by jury chairman Stefan Diez. To the right from Emil we see the journalist Thomas Geuder, and rightmost Jürgen Mayer H.

Facts about Bergo Flooring:

World market leader, but also aiming to become the world's most ECO-friendly producer of multifunctional floor tiles.
Owner: Reine Johansson and Eric Anderzon also CEO.
Turnover 2013: 35 million.
Export share: about 70%.
Operating profit in 2013, about 1 million.
Short-term goal: "Project double up” in 2017.

See links from the jury and its statements here:

For more information, please contact Eric Anderzon, tel. +46 70 561 71 39.

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