Bergo Flooring / Unisport in new collaboration with sports legends

Magnus Norman and Jörgen Jönsson are the sports legends who want to introduce Pop Tennis in Europe. With their company ESG Sweden AB, they have now entered into a cooperation agreement with the sports flooring company Bergo Flooring and Unisport. The aim is to introduce the new sport of Pop Tennis in Europe, as well as make it easier to build sports facilities.

Jörgen Jönsson (ESG), Peder Ståhl (Bergo Flooring), Emil Lindén (Bergo Flooring) and Magnus Norman (ESG)     Photo: Bergo Flooring

Pop Tennis comes from the USA and is similar to tennis, but is played on a smaller court, with a low net and a smaller rack. ESG Sweden AB (hereinafter ESG), which has the exclusive license right for Pop Tennis in eleven European countries, is now introducing the sport to the market.

Behind ESG are tennis legend Magnus Norman and hockey legend Jörgen Jönsson as well as idea founder Lars Månsson, author Andreas Slätt and entrepreneur Per Morten Karlsen. Their vision is to create facilities with sports that are accessible to everyone. A gathering place where community, learning, health and well-being are in focus.

In 2021, ESG built Arvika ldrottscenter, an outdoor activity arena containing several different sports. Bergo Flooring's sports floor was installed for a Pop Tennis court and a 3x3 court. The facility also has several courts for futnet, pickleball and floorball. The floorball court with asphalt as a base, wears on the floorball sticks and will soon be replaced with Bergo Sports Flooring, which is gentle, not only on equipment but also easy on joints and back.

The sports facility in Arvika is welcome for the residents. At the facility, movement and joy are created daily, a meeting place for everyone. The successful concept became the template and starting shot for the ESG Concept that has now been developed, where districts, associations, municipalities and real estate companies can more easily build courts for Pop Tennis, as well as other sports such as floorball, street basketball and pickleball.

We are very satisfied with Bergo Flooring's sports floor and its properties. It was easy to install and gives the ball the right bounce. In addition, it is attractive and basically maintenance-free. We see Bergo Flooring and Unisport as obvious partners, with professional products, mindsets and solutions that rhyme with our vision going forward, says Lars Månsson who is the founder of the idea.

The collaboration means that ESG, the sports floor supplier Bergo Flooring and the overall supplier Unisport together will make it easier for districts, associations, municipalities and real estate companies to build new Pop Tennis courts, as well as courts for other sports such as floorball, 3x3 and pickleball.

Bergo Flooring is the official supplier to several of the major sports federations and FIBA. With their WISH concept, they offer an environmentally sustainable solution that contributes to better health and integration, worldwide. Bergo Sport floors are colorful and attract activity. With the draining properties of the floor, there is no harsh weather! The environmentally friendly and easy-to-install floors with a longevity, meet the European standard for outdoor sports floors. Unisport is the market leader in sports facilities and activity areas in the Nordic countries.

- We have worked with ESG and Arvika Idrottscenter since 2021. We are both proud and expectant of seeing how the sport of Pop Tennis develops. I have tried Pop Tennis myself and it was really fun! It feels fantastic to have signed an agreement with a knowledgeable and interested partner who really wants and can make a difference in our society. Together with ESG, we have the right conditions for further development of our WISH concept, says Peder Ståhl, Project Manager Sport at Bergo Flooring.


Arvika Idrottscenter, beautifully located in Arvika Harbor, offers different sports for everyone.  Photo: Arvika Idrottscenter

The new sport of pop tennis on Bergo Sport Flooring  Photo: Arvika Idrottcenter


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