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ECO-smart multifunction

Innovative plastic flooring made by Bergo Flooring in Småländ has become an international export triumph.


There was once a man named Fritjof Bergquist, who started a company back in the 1960s that manufactured
boxes for electrical installations. Fritjof was an entrepreneur to his fingertips, and when he sold his company he
was left very comfortably off. Being fond of tennis, he made a plastic tennis court that became an industrial product.
One day a shipowner played tennis on one of Fritjof’s courts and discovered the excellence of this flooring – which
is today found on the decks of 400 vessels around the world.

“Demand grew over the years, and today we supply installations for everything from private homes to the historic
Café Opera in Stockholm. It’s the customers who created the flooring’s applications,” says Eric Anderzon, CEO.

There are a number of factors in this success: the concept for Bergo Floorings is multifunctionality, in combination
with design, and the company likes to act as problem-solver for its customers.

“We are pretty unique in our concept, and we always put a lot of effort into finding solutions and being sensitive to
what our customers want. And then our floors are kind of catching – if someone puts our flooring down on their
balcony or in their cellar, their neighbours always find out about it,” laughs Reine Johansson, purchasing manager.

The company was an early adopter of the concept of sustainable business practices, and worked on CSR issues
long before they began communicating their eco-smart product.

“From time to time there’s a scarcity of plastic as a new material, and at those times we have always been obliged
to solve the problem in another way – by using recycled plastic. But the problem was getting access to a constant
supply of the right quality. Plastic has an undeserved bad reputation, so obviously it’s in our interest to change the
image of this material,” says Reine.

One reason for the company’s success in international exports is its participation at international trade fairs, where
it is able to make contact with retailers all over the world. At a floorings fair in Hanover in January this year, Bergo
Flooring won an award for being the most innovative product.

“It’s rather pleasing that a little company from the Gnosjö region, in a small country like Sweden, can hold its own
as one of the best,” says Eric.

The concept of sustainable business also fits in with the way Bergo Flooring looks at the future.

“We want to do our bit if we can. We aim to be the most eco-friendly manufacturer of floor tiles,” says Eric.

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