NEW! Bergo ECO Unique


In 2014 Bergo Flooring takes a real step forward as the ECO friendly company

Bergo takes another step with their ECO products by introducing the beautiful BERGO ECO UNIQUE; a floor made of 100%
recycled PP-composite and in six attractive colours.
After years of research Bergo Flooring has together with exclusive suppliers managed to develop a recycled material that
reaches the same high quality level as for their normal range of composite floors. The new material does not compromise
whatsoever on the unique multifunctional properties that Bergo floors offer.
All products within the ECO-series are made from 100% recycled material and can be recycled again and again. No need of
glue or special tools to lay a Bergo floor. It can be installed in any imaginable type of environment and climate, and functions
equally well indoors as out. The use of Bergo floor tiles solves many problems, such as installations on damp surfaces,
cracked/uneven subfloors and worn-out wooden decks.
During 2013 the company introduced the concept, PURE - the ECO floor, now called “ECO ROYAL”. At the sport and leisure
fair, FSB in Cologne, in October 2013, ECO TENNIS was launched and later also ECO MULTISPORT.
Bergo´s creative development has led to results. Bergo is nominated/finalist among 1300 exhibitors in the prestigious competition
“most innovative product” at the world largest flooring exhibition, Domotex in Hannover 2014.
Bergo concludes “When buying one of our ECO products, you take part in our environmental vision and help us
to reduce the mountains of waste around the world. We simply call it - The way to a better world.”

Eco Unique Vagg LR


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