New eyes on plastic

Inspirational lecture today at Luleå University of Technology about our Bergo Floors, made from 100% environmentally-friendly recyclable PP composite since 1972.

The lecture takes place in conjunction with an Architectural Competition* for students of the design of a café entirely built in PLASTIC.

Our lecturers Emil Lindén, CEO, Bergo Flooring, highlights the advantages of plastic and our Bergo Floors made from eco-friendly, recyclable PP composites since 1972.

“Bergo's multifunctional floor tiles have many advantages, among which the material is environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, FDA approved, chemical resistant, non-organic, can withstand any climate/environments, can take heavy loads, long lasting and require minimal maintenance.”


* Arranged by Stockholmsmässan (Stockholm Trade fair) / Nordbygg in cooperation with the IKEM - Innovation and Chemical Industries, and supported by the Swedish Architects.


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