"The business race"

3800 m2 Bergo floor

Kopia Av Interior3 

When the exhibition “Affärsracet” (translation “The Business race”) started in 2009, the site of the exhibition was the legendary racing circuit Scandinavian Raceway in Anderstorp.

To create the feeling of "being in the middle of the race," Bergo solved this by combining different colors of Bergo floor.

Not only that, the Bergo floor solved the problem with rain that drains under the floor because the fair is partially outdoors. In addition, Bergo floor can be reused again, again and again ...

3 800 m2 later, the same Bergo floor were laid again; on May 22 to 23 the “Business race” opened its doors for the third time.

Short about “Affärsracet” (Translation “The Business Race”): It's a business trade show and Growth forum with future manufacturing, technical expertise, knowledge and innovation at the best Nordic race track. 

Problems with puddles?                                                 The Bergo floor is the solution! 

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