Bergo Concept Top Tile

Where other floors fail

CONCEPT TOP TILE is brand new concept of floor tiles for public areas indoors.
A floor that can be installed where other types of floorings fail: on cold, camp and uneven surfaces.

The floor tiles doesn’t require heavy preparation. No more glues, screws or nails!


Bergo Concept Top Tile


Top Tile Scratch

Top Tile Cube

Top Tile Black Prism

Top Tile Antique Chestnut Art. No. AC1063LX (left) and AC1063RX (right)

Top Tile Wood Nature

Top Tile Ceramich Patchwork light grey

Top Tile Concrete

Top Tile Black stone

Top Tile light grey stone

Top Tile Beige stone

Top Tile Green stone

Top Tile Orange Glow

Top Tile light blue stone

Top Tile Ruby red stone

Top Tile your own design

Top Tile Article Numer list

Product Information

Usage areas

BERGO CONCEPT TOP TILE has undergone several tough tests for use in public environments, such as offices, shops, exhibitions, receptions, showrooms etc.

The floors are made of non-toxic, emission-free and food grade materials that are 100% recyclable again and again.

BERGO CONCEPT TOP TILE makes it also possible to create a truly unique expression, e.g. in shops where you can “top” the interior with a floor in your own color and design, made from your photo.

Step on to your imagination!


Edge Strip, System 2

By using Bergo edge strips and corner strips, you will give your floor an attractive design.

Bergo Edge strips System 2 with corners are easy to install.

Please note! Edge strips are not possible to attatch to cutted floor tiles.

Available in all AnyColor colors.

Technical specification



Made of environmentally friendly recyclable PP-composite (polypropylene).
UV- and Colorstabilized for climate in Arizona.
FDA approved. No emissions. (No PVC).


376 x 55 mm (14,8 x 2,2 inches)
(4-pack = 1,5 m = 59 inches)
Thickness: 10 mm.


Consumerpack: 4-pack. 



Bergo Corner strip, System 2

Bergo corner strips together with Edge strips will give your floor an attractive design.

Bergo Corner strips System 2 with Edge strips are easy to install.

Available in all AnyColor colors.

Technical specification



Made of environmentally friendly recyclable PP-composite (polypropylene).
UV- and Colorstabilized for climate in Arizona.
FDA approved. No emissions. (No PVC).


55 x 55 mm. (2,2 x 2,2 inches)
Thickness: 10 mm.


Consumer pack: 4-pack. 


Disassembly tool Professional

Bergo Flooring has four fitting removal tools for different needs of the removal of the Bergo Floors; Disassembly Tool Professional, Disassembly Tool Consumer, Single Tile replacement Tool System1 and Single Tile Replcacement Tool System2. 

Bergo Disassembly Tool Professional is designed to be used for larger installation.

A shaft is included and this Tool is primarily to be used by those who have mobile applications and need a quick and easy dismantling of the Bergo Floor. 

For example, at Trade Shows, Events, Racing, etc.
Bergo Professional fits all Bergotiles, ie to both System1 and System2.


Technical specification

Art. No.:


SYSTEM1+2: 18RT 



vlcsnap-2016-11-29-13h52m30s062.png 18RT.jpg

Bergo Underlayment mesh 1,5 mm

Leveling and acoustic damping underlayment for indoor use. 

For an increased comfort, Bergo Underlayment net is recommended underneath Bergo Top Tile. 

Easy to cut into the desired dimension with a scissor. 

Well suited for floors with underfloor heating.

Do not expose to sunlight for extended lengths of time.






Technical specification

Material: 75 % environmentally friendly natural lates + 25% polyolefin.

Thickness: 1,5 mm,

Lenght / roll: 40 m

Width: 1,2 m

Weight: 175 g/m², 8,5 kg/roll.

Area: 48 m² / roll

For indoor use. Do not expose to sunlight for long time. 

Washable (30 ˚C)

Art. No. BK1200


Technical Spezification - download pdf

Bergo_Underlaymentnet.JPG 7E3A8012.jpg

Cable Strip for Top Tile

Bergo Decor Strip is a practical complement for Bergo Top Tile.

Use the Decor strip for special design purposes and/or hiding cables underneath the flooring. Decor/Cable cross-piece (55 x 55 mm), to be used as two lines of the above cable strips intersect with each other. Maximum cabeldimension 6 mm.  


Technical specification


Made of environmentally friendly recyclable PP-composite (polypropylene).
UV- and Colorstabilized for climate in Arizona.
FDA approved. No emissions. (No PVC).


378 x 55 mm 

Thickness: 10 mm.


kabellistImage.jpg kabellist.jpg


"The non-glue-installation"

There is no need for either glue or special tools when laying your new Bergo floor. All you need is a rubber mallet and perhaps a yardstick and a saw.


1. Start in a corner: see the picture. Remember always to turn the protruding rings in the same direction (forwards).


2. IMPORTANT to first fix the tiles with the connection taps over the protruding rings properly. Then fit them together with sharp strokes of a rubber mallet.

3. Completed.

Remember, before you install the flooring: Let the floor tiles remain few hours in the room where the floor should be installed, so that they have the same temperature.

To make sure it functions well, always install a Bergo floor on a clean, hard and even surface. Allow a certain distance from walls, doorsteps etc. if the flooring is likely to be exposed to varying temperatures.

For an increased comfort, a suitable acoustic damping underlay is recommended underneath Bergo Top Tile. We recommend Bergo Underlayment Net 0,8 mm.


With regular care of Bergo Top Tile according to the recommendation, you will ex-tend the lifetime, color and lustre of your floor by many years.

Taking care of the tiles regularly extends the lifetime and lustre of your floor. Therefore we recommend these care measures:
Cleaning - Bergo flooring is cleaned as needed with traditional cleaning equipment such a vacuum and a mop with a *cleaning agent

Large surfaces and/or public spaces - Naturally it is faster to use professional cleaning equipment in public spaces and larger installations where floors become extremely dirty. We suggest that you consult with your cleaning company.

* Cleaning agent - Most cleaning agents can be used to remove dirt. Some are especially suited for composites, and these are recommended. In extremely dry environments such as indoors, the detergent should contain an antistatic agent which minimizes the risk of static electricity. Bergo’s products can withstand most chemicals. For more information, see the ”Chemical Resistance Table” for PP. Consult your dealer about the recommended media for best results on PP plastic.

Technical Specification



Made of environmentally friendly recyclable PP-composite (polypropylene) for indoor use only.
FDA approved. No emissions. (No PVC).

Size of tile:

378 x 378 mm.
Height: 10,7 mm.


3 m² / carton = 21 tiles. For project.
Pallet: 90 m²

Point load:

350 ton/m² = 3500 kg/dm²


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