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OTTO Racing is a motorsport team that competes in a national championship at different racing circuits in Sweden. We were one of the first teams to test the new Bergo EASY floor, with an updated function of the classic floor tile making it easier to mount and detach. The floor has been used on tarmac, gravel and grass during the season, and we have besides the race weekends joined various other activities, including indoor and outdoor events at exhibitions, showrooms, shopping centres etc.

Timing and efficiency is important for a motorsport team, not merely on the race track. The floor is easily installed and by two persons it can be set up within 15 minutes from arrival. The same applies to the detachment, no tool is used and the floor tiles are disassembled by a ‘click’. We store the floor beneath the racing car and the equipment in our transports.


Some race weekends this year we have had some serious downfall but the floor was still dry, the small elevating that the floor tiles make from the ground allowing the water to flow beneath us, meaning that all our gear and equipment remained dry within the tent, not affecting our work on the car.


OTTO Racing is a newly established racing team and the Bergo EASY has given us opportunities to immediately achieve great results, including most wins and pole positions of the year. The heavy mechanical work has been facilitated by Bergo EASY that is similar to the flat floor in the home garage, making our car ready for race every run at the track and the team has been appreciated for a professional appearance in the pit, which is much a result of the tidily floor.


We would actually like to state that the Bergo EASY is a must for every motorsport team. No matter the size of your team, this floor is superior in terms of efficiency and appearance in the pit.

Otto Gullberg
OTTO Racing



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