During FSUK 2015, KTH Formula Student took the opportunity to test a prototype floor from Bergo Flooring in their racing paddock. The aim was to evaluate the floor’s appearance, quality and overall impression and how easy it was to fit and take apart. In a word the result was ‘Superb’!


The floor was easy to lay and we needed no special tools. We timed the first installation and it took just seven minutes for three people to lay more than 25m² of floor!
Uplifting was even easier and no tools were needed. We just broke up all the lengths and then stacked them up. We liked the tight open pattern, since screw-nuts, screws and tools didn’t fall through under the floor and although the pattern was tight, liquids could drain away. We gave it a big ‘thumbs up’!  We did not really test out the floor for heavier point loads, but we are confident that it will handle it well as it didn’t feel in the slightest bit spongey or brittle.

We did experience one problem however, which doesn’t really affect our overall impression and rating, but we think is worth mentioning; that is that if you drag items or crawl on the floor it loaded up with static electricity.  This doesn’t affect many people, but we are working with an electric car with several high-voltage systems on board and we don’t want to get a shock when we touch the car. Not all of our stuff was affected by this problem, so it probably is related to the choice of clothing but it still feels worth mentioning.

Overall we are very pleased with the floor and we can certainly recommend it to other Formula Student teams, STCC teams or if you just want to tidy up your garage floor!


Notes from Bergo Flooring: The static electricity can easily be solwed with an antistatic agent.



Team leader Emil Persson unpacking expectant  The Bergo Floor.


It did not take long from the floor was laid until our racing paddock was full of equipment.


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