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IF Linnéa Boxing

The floor has worked extremely well. We had a problem with damp in the premises, so for us using Bergo was bit of a "rescue", both from a functional and an economic perspective.

Certainly there are other solutions in terms of damp but then you end up spending astronomical sums, way beyond what a non-profit organization can manage.

There is good resilience in the floor and it was simple and really fun to install. Bergo provided great service with good layout drawings and instructions. The tiles were laid directly onto the concrete floor; which worked well despite irregularities. We are pleased and can highly recommend the Bergo tiles.


Daniel Nash, Head coach

Carina Sihlen, Chairman and coach

Thomas Häggkvist, Cashier

Yvonne Nilsson, Secretary        

This club presents some of Sweden’s most talented boxers from the Swedish national team.

Anna Laurell Nash (to the left) 2 time World Champion, 3 time European Champion and 7 National Swedish Champion. Helena Enwall, Amanda Lundström and Katrin Norén from the Swedish national team together with head coach Daniel Nash and coach Micke Lundström are also seen in the picture


The Bergo floor solved the issue with damp in the premises

Bergo floor tiles are easy to lay and can be placed on an existing floor without fasteners such as glue, screws or nails. The design with the built-in air gap allows the surface underneath to ventilate, which in turn causes the entire surface to dry up, in turn eliminating any unpleasant odours.



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Big difference from before!

We are proud that 250 m2 Bergo Excellence Graphite Grey was installed in the premises of IF Linnéa Boxing Club. 



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