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Local sports facilities in the municipality

"The result was excellent and the floor has played a big part in increasing the level of activity at the site"

For some years Swedish municipalities around the country have been going in for constructing multifunction/local sports facilities. The aim is to stimulate children and young people to play more sport, and to hopefully encourage more youngsters to get involved in club activities.

"The response has been great and it turns out that adults are using these facilities too," says Kent Kruuse, leisure manager at Gislaved Municipality.

"One important thing was ensuring a good surface, to minimise injuries from falls, etc. It should feel comfortable under foot and have suitable properties for the various ball game activities, stand up to all weathers and drain rapidly in rainy conditions, while also being hard-wearing and attractive. We discussed our requirements and wishes with Bergo Flooring, who manufacture multifunctional flooring for demanding environments, including sports floors.

"We agreed to test their multisport floor at Sörgård School in Gislaved. Along with various line markings, the floor was also painted with the municipality's logo. The result was excellent and the floor has played a big part in increasing the level of activity at the site, as it feels so nice to walk on. The youngsters have even been asking whether they actually need to wear shoes! (which, of course, they do...) 

This represents an important step towards achieving our objective of encouraging more sport. Strengthened by the success of the first floor, additional venues will now be given a similar floor. The intention is for this to become standard in Gislaved Municipality. If we were to pass on one useful tip to other municipalities, it would be to think carefully about the floor when planning multifunction and local sports facilities," says Kent Kruuse.

/Kent Kruuse, leisure manager at Gislaved Municipality

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