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Swedish Floor Ball Open

For many years Bergo Flooring has been the supplier of app. 1800 m2 of Bergo Multisport floors at one of the world’s biggest floor ball tournaments: Swedish Floorball Open. Hundreds of teams and players during several days at this big event.

This is what the organiser says about the Multisport floor after the event:

"For one day to another, we created a big, colourful and temporary sport arena with Bergo Multisport floors, where we proud could present the big event Swedish Floorball Open. I would say that it has gone very well, the floor worked perfect and was very good looking. The floor were laid on concrete and since we have laid it before, we know how to install and there were no problems. After the event, we easily disassembled the floor into bit sheets and they will now be stored for next year’s event. We are really satisfied and are very pleased to recommend Bergo Multisport floor from Bergo Flooring".

/ Rickard Detterberg, organiser





The best players in Sweden appoints Redbet Swedish Floorball Open one of the best organized competitions in Sweden.

Redbet Swedish Floorball Open is probably Sweden's most popular outdoor tournament in floorball. At the forefront of the current champions in the men's and women's class we find every summer a mixture of everything from elite players to the raven players playing for the desirabled prize money.



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