We have found the BERGO surface to be wholly satisfactory, and we wish to continue using it in the future for further modernisation and expansion of the complex.

 It is also clear that we have managed to convince many “experts” that they were wrong.And we are also pleased by the fact that as part of the aforementioned cooperation with the firm Yonex, the talented tennis player Petra Sedláčková, who at the age of nine concluded a contract with the firm Yonex for full support, is training with us.She started learning tennis with us and has made it clear that she is not interested in switching to large tennis clubs, such as Sparta Praha or I. ČLTK Praha.For her the quality of the facilities, surfaces and halls is the most important reason, a reason to which she is guided by her parents:  her father, a former track and field representative of the Czech Republic, and her mother, champion of the republic several times over, also in track and field, who know what they are talking about.”

/ Jiří Knížek, ägare av tennisklubben TK LOB, Praha-Bohnice

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