Problemy z podłogami? Trudne warunki?

Czy po prostu chcesz aby wglądały ładnie?

Bergo jest rozwiązaniem twoich problemów z podłogami.

This is how our customers have solved their problems with cold, damp and dull floors.

Bergo Flooring provides a reliable and cost-effective solution

The multifunctionality in a Bergo floor allows the surface underneath to “breathe”, which prevents moisture being trapped and odours forming. You can easily perform the installation yourself.


Since 1972, Bergo Flooring has been developing multifunctional composite flooring, well-tested to withstand extremely harsh environments. The products are generally functionally adapted to withstand any climate and have the following multifunctions: Draining, Ventilating, Sound-absorbing, Thermal-separating, Non-slip, Ergonomic, Material is non-organic = does not absorb liquid and is chemical resistant and FDA-approved material. This makes the flooring perfect for tough environments. For traditional uses in private cellars and storage environments, we recommend Bergo Royal, which is regarded as an all-round product. For industrial and public environments, which often require something slighter tougher, we recommend Bergo Premium.


All our products are made here in Sweden in our own eco-friendly production facilities, without environmentally harmful emissions. The products are made of 100% recyclable PP composites, which can be reused over and over again. Without compromising on function and quality, Bergo has recently launched its Eco series, produced in 100% recycled material, ensuring each installation of Eco Royal, for instance, contributes to a massive reduction in waste!


Bergo Flooring is a floating floor that can be laid on most surfaces without screws, nails or glue. Thanks to the open structure of the flooring, the surface underneath can breathe. Bergo Flooring is available in several different designs and colours. Accessories such as edge strips, corner strips, expansion strips (System 1) and removal tools are available.


Remodelling, for example when industrial premises are to be used for another purpose, often involves worn, repaired and stained floors that are difficult to fix. You can transform them within a few hours into a brand new environment with real impact with the help of Bergo flooring.


Concrete floors consisting of concrete slabs placed on the ground are often affected by moisture from the ground underneath. This has nothing to do with how good the drainage around the house is, but is a normal migration of moisture from below, leading to a gradual moistening of the concrete floor. If organic material is placed directly on the concrete floor, there is a considerable risk that the material will become damaged and that mould will eventually form. Bergo flooring is non-organic and its construction leaves an air gap under the floor which eliminates the risk of moisture or anything else under the surface migrating into what is placed on it.


A freshly cast concrete floor always contains an excess of moisture, which must dry out before anything organic can be placed on it. The drying time is often several months, which prevents you from using the space. Bergo flooring cuts this waiting period, as its construction places a non-organic distance between the floor and any storage, allowing the surface underneath to “breathe.”


A traditional floor needs to dry out after moisture damage before it can be used again. This often causes months of problems associated with inconvenience and high costs. Bergo flooring, thanks to its design, allows the floor to “breathe”, reducing time to use, inconvenience, and, not least, the cost to residents.


Bergo flooring is easy to lay and can be placed on an existing floor without fasteners such as glue, screws or nails. It has a low construction height, only around 10 mm. The floor is made of FDA-apporoved material that does not give off any emissions, which means that it meets environmental and health criteria. As the floor is chemical resistant, it retains its function even in aggressive environments. The design with the builtin air gap allows the surface underneath to “breathe”, which in turn causes the entire surface to dry up, in turn eliminating any unpleasant odours. The flooring’s natural air gap insulates the surface underneath so the floor is more comfortable to walk on. This design, which is also profiling, provides a safe, cost-effective and practical solution.


1. Remove the old flooring, if necessary.
2. Vacuum the surface and remove any organic material prior to installing Bergo flooring.
3. It’s a good idea to place a fibre cloth, such as a ground cloth, between the Bergo flooring and the surface underneath to achieve a sound-proofing effect.
4. Start in a corner and remember to always turn the eyes in the same direction.
5. Fix the tiles with the protruding rings over the eyes and fit them together with sharp blows using a rubber mallet.
6. Always install Bergo flooring at least 10 mm from the wall, door thresholds, etc.

Test results from SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden )

Older homes with unventilated cellars often have high levels of relative humidity in the concrete slabs, either through vapour diffusion or condensation on their concrete surface. This often happens in summer. These adverse conditions can cause problems with moisture and mould if material of an organic nature is stored in direct contact with the moist concrete surface.

SP’s tests clearly show that a Bergo floor delays the time it takes for moisture to penetrate the material placed on a Bergo floor.


Thick corrugated cardboard storage boxes were placed directly on the concrete surface that was prepared from below with water to simulate damp ground.


Results after 21 days: Strong moisture absorp- tion in the bottom of the box.


Thick corrugated cardboard storage boxes were placed directly on Bergo flooring with the concrete underneath prepared from below with water to simulate damp ground.


Results after 21 days: No visible moisture ab- sorption.

Excerpts from SP’s report: “In conclusion, the Bergo tile can prevent capillary transport of both penetrating moisture through a concrete slab on the ground and condensed moisture on the surface of the concrete slab into material placed on top of Bergo tiles. They also allow for ventilation due to the air gap between the Bergo tiles and the concrete slabs.”

nasze produkty:

Bergo XL

Bergo XL™ jest częścią podłóg płytkowych SYSTEMU 2 i stanowi alternatywę dla klasycznych podłóg płytkowych Royal, tylko o większym formacie.

Płytka podłogowa Bergo XL w kolorze wit

Bergo Unique

Bergo Unique™ jest ”najmocniejszą” podłogą dostępną w naszej ofercie, z pośród podłóg SYSTEMU 2. Ma liniowy, otwarty wzór o wyróżniającym się charakterze, pozwalającym na kreowanie rozwiazań w atrakcyjnych, różnorodnych środowiskach.


Bergo Soft Tile

Firma Bergo Flooring wypuszcza na rynek płytki Bergo Soft Tile™ – nową serię miękkich, przeciwpoślizgowych i antybakteryjnych płytek podłogowych do miejsc o podwyższonej wilgotności, zapewniających dodatkowe zabezpieczenie i wygodę w miejscach publicznych.


Bergo Elite

BERGO ELITE™ to pełna płytka, która tworzy część SYSTEMU 2. Może być użyta do zmontowania w kilka chwil kompletnej podłogi, będącą elegancką i funkcjonalną jednocześnie.


Bergo Nova

BERGO NOVA™ to pełna płytka, która tworzy część SYSTEMU 2.

Nova_Bergo_Graphite_Grey.jpg (1)

Bergo Royal

BERGO ROYAL™ jest solidnym, technicznie najlepszym produktem dla Ciebie stanowiącym część SYSTEMU 1. Klasyczny bestseller, dostępny w szerokiej gamie kolorów.


Bergo Excellence

BERGO EXCELLENCE™ jest solidnym, antypoślizgowym, technicznym produktem stanowiącym część SYSTEMU1.

s sg.jpeg

Bergo Extreme (IMO)

NOWOŚĆ! Pierwsza na świecie płytka podłogowa z atestem IMO. A w dodatku najtwardsza na świecie!

Bergo Excellence Dark blue_IMO_wheelmark.jpg (1)

Bergo Solid

Unikatowa koncepcja podłóg przeznaczonych do układania na wymagających powierzchniach.


Bergo Ultimate

– NOWY! – a new generation of sports flooring


Bergo Ultimate PLUS

NOWY! – a new generation of sports flooring and our most prestigious product


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