Joint Strip, System 2

The Joint strips are installed in between each Bergo Elite or Bergo Nova tile in order to create a completely covered surface.

The Joint strips should only be used indoors or as one have a constant temperature. As one have temperature variations the expansion gap between the tiles needs to be open.

Not for outdoor environments or for example in a conservatory, with significant temperature variations.

Bergo Joint strips are for decoration and / or if you want a fully covered floor space. For indoor use only.

Bergo Joint strips are designed to fit Bergo Elite and Bergo Nova System2.

NOTE! Do not use in temperature varying environments where expansion function disappears when the Joint strips are applied. Are not recommended in outdoor environments or for example a conservatory, with temperature variations.

We recommend that Joint strips are installed at the same pace as you lay the Bergo floor tiles.


Things to consider before you install Bergo Joint strips

Remember that the Joint strips remove the floor's ability to expand, so it is important to add the Joint strips in environments that have a constant temperature.

By a new installation of Bergo Elite / Nova, keep the floor tiles in a few hours in the room that the floor should be installed so that they get the same room temperature.

As the floor expands in varying temperatures, it can reduce the gaps between the tiles and it may therefore be difficult to add the Joint strips on a surfaces with Bergo tiles that already are installed since earlier.

We therefore recommend that the Joint strips are installed at the same pace as you lay the Bergo floor tiles.

Use a rubber hammer when installing the Joint strips. At smaller amount of Joint strips, you can also press them down by hand. Another tip is to use a mini role (such as used in wallpapering or similar).


Technical specification



Made of environmentally friendly recyclable PP-composite (polypropylene).
UV- and Colorstabilized for climate in Arizona.
FDA approved. No emissions. (No PVC).


379 mm x 2,8 mm (14,9 x 0,1 inches) 
36-pack = enough for app. 2,5-3 m2 (≈ 30 sq ft)




Stone grey, Art. Nr. 3675SG
Graphite grey, Art. No. 3675GG

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