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Bergo Flooring has developed, produced and delivered multifunctional floor tiles since 1972. Now under the leadership of the family Lindén, Bergo Flooring celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022.

It all began some time in the 1960s, when the company's founder Fritjof Bergquist, grew tired of playing tennis on dreary asphalt and clay courts. He developed a product that subsequently proved to be the solution, not just for tennis courts, but also for thousands and thousands of different problem floor surfaces in an equally wide variety of settings.

Each environment has its own specific problems, which is why we have developed fully-adapted products for different environments and purposes based on the varying requirements. Without sacrificing the basic multifunctional properties, we have developed a whole range of different designs and colours, all to provide solutions for problem floors, to satisfy even the most particular of customers.

Our customers range from the historic Café Opera in Stockholm, which found Bergo tiles to be the perfect solution for their foyer and terrace, to farmer Johan Svensson, who installed Bergo tiles to solve the damp and mould problems in his cellar. You have probably walked on our floors at one time or another without even knowing it...

The tennis court solution led onto sports arenas and a multitude of spaces where sports activities take place. Today our flooring can be found in countless leisure and sports facilities. You will find our products in garages and storerooms, but also on terraces, balconies and outdoor areas, generally as an alternative to high-maintenance and splintery wooden decking.

Our floors can be seen in public spaces and in industry, and is a favourite for car showrooms. They can even be found in the harshest environment of all – on the decks of ships, coping with water, salt, low temperatures, damp, sun and heat, all at the same time! A real-life test lab, and Bergo sailed through with flying colours. As a result, our products can now be found on hundreds of vessels throughout the world, everything from luxury cruise ships to passenger ferries.

The Bergo tile is the original, and from humble beginnings in 1972, we are now a world leader within multifunctional plastic flooring for a variety of environments, and we currently export over 80% of our sales to more than 40 countries. Our mission is: Any Surface, Any Problem, Anywhere - One Solution - Bergo Flooring! And we plan to keep that up!

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Quality is possibly the most over-used word in the world. At the same time, it is one of the most important. For us, it is the foundation of everything we do. Development, manufacture, sales and delivery.  We hold ISO 9001 certification, which is proof that we take quality seriously. Our motto is: The Right product in the Right place at the Right time.



The basic material for all our floors is eco-friendly PP-composite (polypropylene). It is a material that is 100% recyclable. Our floors are also recyclable in a more direct form too. They can be moved from one place to another. From cellar to garage. From garage to terrace. Or from shop to warehouse. Simply take up the floor tile by tile or in 'sheets' and then re-lay it wherever you want it. Bearing in mind that there is no need for adhesive, screws or nails, it is a very simple process. Consideration for the environment in a more direct perspective. We manufacture all our flooring ourselves and operate an environmental management system, ensuring that we have full control, from raw material to the finished and packaged product. Even our packaging is made of recyclable material. Care for the environment always begins with small steps, which are a prerequisite for the big ones.










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