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Bergo Flooring is the official flooring supplier to the Danish Basketball Federation

The sports floor supplier Bergo Flooring will be a new partner to the Danish Basketball Federation. The agreement, which includes floor for 3x3 basketball outdoor games, is written over 2 years.

Bergo sports floor 3x3 on the most global street basketball tournament on the planet

Red Bull Half Court is the most global street basketball tournament on the planet. Bergo Flooring is the official partner and at the final in Stockholm in June, Sweden's basketball elite will compete on Bergo Flooring's professional 3x3 sports floor for outdoor use.


Bergo Flooring has developed, produced and delivered multifunctional floor tiles since 1972. Now, under the leadership of the Lindén family, Bergo Flooring celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022.

Bergo Flooring / Unisport in new collaboration with sports legends

Magnus Norman and Jörgen Jönsson are the sports legends who want to introduce Pop Tennis in Europe. With their company ESG Sweden AB, they have now entered into a cooperation agreement with the sports flooring company Bergo Flooring and Unisport. The aim is to introduce the new sport of Pop Tennis in Europe, as well as make it easier to build sports facilities.

Bergo Flooring are nominated for "International Challenger of the Year"

A huge activity area for Uppsala residents

One of the goals for Uppsala Municipality is to create an active, inclusive and equal leisure time for children and young people. Between May and September 2021, the large bandy field at the Studenternas sports facility was transformed into a huge activity area, "Uppsala Summer Zone", accessible to everyone and free of charge.

Art installation

WASSER-RAUM fish market square in Rapperswil, Switzerland

Bergo Flooring is official flooring supplier to the Norwegian Bandy Federation

Bergo Flooring announces collaboration. Bergo Flooring, together with Pureplay and Unsiport Scandinavia, is official flooring supplier to the Norwegian Bandy Federation.

A huge carpet of Bergo Floor Tiles on Sergels Torg

A lively work of art by Bergo floor tiles in thirteen different colours covers parts of Sergels Torg in Stockholm and is created by the artist Cilla Ramnek.

Bergo Flooring in new collaboration with Arvika Idrottscenter AB ̶ delivers sports floors for pop tennis and 3x3

Bergo Flooring has entered a collaboration with Arvika Idrottscenter AB, with a common goal, to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Bergo Flooring delivers sports surfaces for 3x3 basketball and pop tennis in Arvika harbour. This is part of the development of the new outdoor multisport arena that is beginning to take shape. Later this year, a new sport will also be introduced in Sweden - pop tennis. Arvika is the first in Europe, where Bergo Flooring is supplying the multifunctional sport court.

Bergo Flooring delivers sports surfaces to the sports arena Studenterna’s major investment

Bergo Flooring has delivered seven different sports courts to the arena Studenternas in Uppsala. Bergo Flooring works to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone and is happy that Uppsala municipality now can practice various sports for a large part of the year.

Shop gets a makeover - with a new floor "in a jiffy"

Read Mr. Daron Wild's blog when he installed Bergo Unique in his shop

Eric och Carina Berg installerar sin efterlängtade basketbana

See when the dream comes true in Bergs Drömkåk.

Our Bergo Floor has travelled all around South Africa...

Three 3X3 basket courts in a circle.

Oskarshamn Basketball Club

Oskarshamn Basketball Club can train despite Corona-times on their outdoor courts from Bergo Flooring.

Creating easily accessible alluring activity areas at schools and municipality

How to keep voles out of the garden beds

Voles in your garden beds? A satisfied customer tells how the Bergo floor solved the problem.

3X3 Swedish Championship Malmö 2019

Bergo Flooring official partner and floor supplier to 3X3 Swedish Tour and Swedish 3X3 Championship

Bergo Flooring official sponsor and floor supplier to the Swedish Basketball Federation 3x3

In recent years, the street basketball-inspired sport 3X3 has grown exponentially. The sport, which is played on half a basketball court, against a basketball hoop and with three players in each team, becomes a new Olympic branch for the Olympics in Tokyo. Bergo Flooring delivers the floors that are quickly assembled into playing courts and which can also be moved and laid on any smooth surface.

Bergo Flooring is nominated "Surface protector of the year”

Bergo Flooring was nominated "Surface protector of the year 2016” as they proved how their floor tiles in an economical way solve moisture problems associated with concrete floors.

O'learys found the solution with Bergo Flooring

HONORARY MENTION presented by HRH the Crown Princess

Waste mountains turns into sports fields in Finland

Bergo Flooring winner of the prestigious competition!


Floor surface - an important factor for local sports facilities

Ditec Car Care Center can work without wearing shoes...

Ditec Car Care Center in Gislaved proudly show their facility

Nike event in London

See how Bergo Tennis is installed - quick and easy

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