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Recycled Turf Bergo Sport Court Montage


Bergo Flooring and GreenMatter are proud to introduce a groundbreaking flooring solution consisting of an impressive 50 percent recycled material from worn-out artificial turf fields.



GreenMatter, a Dutch company focused on sustainability, is pioneering the use of recycled artificial turf in various products. Their mission, which began with reducing the mountain of artificial turf waste, has now expanded to include collaborations with several companies, including Bergo Flooring, in a joint effort to integrate recycled artificial turf into existing products.

Bergo Flooring is a leading provider of eco-friendly and FIBA-approved sports surfaces used worldwide. Typically, Bergo's floors are made from fully recyclable polypropylene. After extensive testing, Bergo Flooring, in collaboration with GreenMatter, has successfully integrated 50 percent recycled and recyclable material from worn-out artificial turf fields. This revolutionary circular concept is called Bergo by GreenMatter and is available in the Ultimate series in the colour of artificial turf, namely dark green.

Furthermore, these tiles can be combined with Bergo's standard Ultimate and provide you the option to choose different colors. The floors are perfect for both temporary and permanent use, indoors and outdoors, and are ideal for public spaces, schools, activity parks, and sports clubs. The easy-to-install floors are drainable and made from 50% recycled artificial turf from worn sports fields and are 100% recyclable. The sustainable flooring contributes to the reduction of artificial turf waste and its environmental impact.

GreenMatter's groundbreaking work in reusing artificial turf waste is not only environmentally responsible but also offers innovative solutions that enhance sports and recreational environments. With the introduction of these new flooring solutions, they are setting a new standard for sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives.

Bergo Flooring recognizes that circularity is a significant need, as is the need for accessible activity spaces in the community. There are many artificial turf facilities that can be recycled and replaced with a new circular and sustainable product through this concept.



About GreenMatter: GreenMatter is a sustainability-focused company dedicated to reusing artificial turf waste and exploring innovative applications for recycled materials. Their mission is to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices across various industries. For more information, visit www.greenmatter.nl/en/.

About Bergo Flooring: Bergo Flooring is a leading provider of sports surfaces with eco-friendly and FIBA-approved sports surfaces used worldwide. The company is committed to providing accessible sports facilities for all, regardless of age, gender, or background. Bergo Flooring manufactures its sports surfaces in its own factory in Anderstorp, Sweden, and has a long history of promoting sports and recreational activities. For more information, visit www.bergoflooring.com.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Bergo Flooring AB, Emil Lindén, emil.linden@flooring.se, +46 70 587 65 43

GreenMatter, Mandy de Boer, mandy@whsports.nl, +31(0)252 – 823 071