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Bergo Public - floors for public environments

Needs and solutions

Worn and dull floors...

...is not inspiring in a public setting. In many cases, the surface of a new public environment is in the condition shown in the picture. When it comes to the choice of flooring, it can be a challenge to find a quick and flexible flooring solution that can be installed without specialist knowledge and without it being costly.

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The Solution

With Bergo Floors, you get both practical and elegantly designed floors that are easy to lay. Once the floor is laid, it can be used immediately.

Bergo floors are not only visually appealing, but also user-friendly and easy to install without the need for special skills, advanced tools or glue. By choosing floors from Bergo Flooring, you can quickly transform the surface without any hassle. The floor tiles for public environments have integrated multi-functions that solve problems with damp sub-floors while offering drainage and sound absorbing properties.

With a wide range of colours, our floor tiles can be combined to create interesting patterns and profiles.

Bergo Flooring car showroom Bergo Silvergrey (10)

Bergo Floors for public environments

- with endless possibilities!

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Bergo Flooring Outdoorcafe Bergo Unique Stonegrey


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Bergo Flooring Solid (11)

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Why choose Bergo?

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Since 1972, our market-leading Bergo Tiles have been the original that have gilded countless patios, garages, basements, storage rooms and pool areas. For decades, these floors have solved problems in difficult spaces while being synonymous with timeless style and reliable quality.

In public environments, floors are exposed to heavy wear and tear, usually daily throughout the year. Something that places enormous demands on the material's durability and comfort. We offer a range of different floors adapted to public environments for outdoor dining, exhibition halls / shops, industries, pool areas, etc.

Approved floors

Our draining and ventilated floors are tested and CE-approved.

Smart accessories

With Edge Strips and Corner Strips, a neat finish is created.

We also offer floors with Line strips to create lines and patterns. With our Disassembly Tool, the floor is easily moved when needed.

Easy to install

Make a quick makeover! Without chemicals, screws or glue, the Bergo floor is laid quickly. For fixed or portable installation.

Minimal maintenance

Mountain floors require minimal maintenance for many years to come.

Environmentally friendly

Made from environmentally friendly, UV stabilized 100% recyclable PP composite. No microplastics, emissions or migrating particles during use or production.


Bergo Floor for public areas are produced in Sweden, have a long service life and comes with a up to 15 years guarantee.


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