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Bergo Flooring Excellence Ship Deck Covering (17)

Bergo Marine - floorings for ship decks

Bergo Flooring Excellence Ship Deck Covering (26)

Bergo Flooring has been delivering hundreds of slip reducing and sound-absorbing floors for balconies, outdoor decks, and public spaces on passenger ships since 1972.
The lightweight floor is available for both newly constructed and existing vessels and is made from environmentally friendly materials. Bergo floors for marine environments are designed to quickly drain water to ensure the surface remains dry and comfortable to walk on.

Needs and solutions

Worn and high-maintenance floors...

...aren't inspiring on a ship's deck. They can also be noisy and slippery. When it comes to choosing a floor, it can be a challenge to find a cost-effective, durable, and low-maintenance flooring solution that can be installed quickly without specialized knowledge and long drying times.

Before wet

The solution

With Bergo floors, you get both practical and elegantly designed decks for your ship that are easy to install. Once the floor is laid, it can be used immediately.

Bergo floors are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and simple to install without the need for specialized skills, advanced tools, or adhesive.

By choosing Bergo floors for your ship's deck, you can quickly undergo a hassle-free transformation. Bergo floors have many integrated features that address issues such as noise, slipperiness, and costly maintenance expenses.

Bergo Flooring Excellence Ship Deck Covering (41)

Bergo Floors for marine environments

- with endless possibilities!

Bergo Flooring Excellence Ship Deck Covering (74)

Bergo Flooring Excellence Ship Deck Covering (1) (2)

Bergo Flooring Excellence Ship Deck Covering (11)

Bergo Flooring Excellence Ship Deck Covering (18)

Bergo Flooring Excellence Ship Deck Covering (32)

Bergo Flooring Excellence Ship Deck Covering (35)

Create an inviting and pleasant atmosphere with a floor

Bergo Floors are durable, making them ideal for outdoor decks exposed to harsh weather, strong sunlight, rain, cold temperatures, and ice. Bergo Excellence Extreme has been developed to meet the standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Marine Equipment Directive. It is the world's only IMO-approved floor tile.

Bergo Flooring's deck covering can be found on cruise ships belonging to Hurtigruten and Norwegian Cruise Line, as well as passenger ferries.

Bergo Flooring Excellence Ship Deck Covering (2) (1)

Why choose Bergo?

Bergo Flooring Feet Bergo XL Stonegrey

Approved floors

Our drained and ventilated deck floors are tested, approved and meet MED (B, D) and IMO resolutions.

Smart accessories

With Edge Strips and Corner Strips, a neat finish is created.

Easy to install

Make a quick makeover! Without chemicals, screws or glue, the Bergo floor is laid quickly. 

Minimal maintenance

Bergo floors require minimal maintenance for many years to come.

Environmentally friendly

Made from environmentally friendly, UV stabilized 100% recyclable PP composite. No microplastics, emissions or migrating particles during use or production.


Bergo Floors for marine environments is produced in Sweden, has a long life span and comes with up to 15 years guarantee.


Play and exercise during the boat trip

Our floors are also ideal for sports and activity areas and can be installed in various patterns and lines for play areas, sports, and running tracks. Our strong, draining, and ventilating sports floors are tested, approved, and certified by organizations such as FIBA, EN14877, and ITF.

Our floors are used worldwide by clubs, schools, and municipalities for everything from small to large training areas to major championships.

Sinclairho6 Kopia
Bergo basketball court 3x3 German Basketball Federation (3)

Bergo Sports Flooring

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It is very easy to install a Bergo floor!

You don't need glue or special tools.
All that is needed is a rubber hammer and possibly a yardstick and saw.

Things to consider before installing the floor. Let the floor tiles stay for a few hours in the environment in which the floor is to be installed in order for the floor tiles to adapt the same temperature. For good performance, always install your Bergo floor on a clean, hard and levelled surface. Leave a certain distance to any fixed objects so that the floor can expand and extract.


Product image for  Bergo Excellence™

Bergo Excellence™

Draining and durable floors for ship decks

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Product image for  Bergo Extreme™ IMO

Bergo Extreme™ IMO

IMO approved, draining and durable flooring for ship decks

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