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Bergo Sports Flooring

Needs and solutions

Uninspiring boring surfaces do not encourage people to exercise and move.

Especially not children. In the digital era of smartphones and tablets, we need to make sports activities fun and attractive.


The solution

Attractive and accessible sports surfaces can be a good way to promote physical activity and encourage people, especially children, to be more active.

Our sports floors are not only functional; they are also visually appealing, which may entice to use them more often. For example, a colorful basketball court or a soccer field with attractive colors can catch children's attention and make them more interested in playing sports. A multifunctional sports court can be used for e.g. basketball, volleyball and floorball and offer a variety of options to choose from.

This can increase the likelihood of exercise, movement and play, which is beneficial for everyone's physical and mental health.

Bergo Flooring Multisport Court (43)

Bergo Sports flooring

- with endless possibilities!

Bergo Flooring Multisport Court (20)

Bergo Flooring Multisport Court (13)

Bergo Flooring Multisport Court (25)

Bergo Flooring Multisport Court (69)

Bergo Flooring Multisport Court (50)

Bergo Basketball court 3x3 tournament Klaipeda Lithuania

Why choose Bergo?

Bergo Ultimate Foot

Approved floors

A sports floor has high demands. Our strong, draining and ventilated sports floors are tested, approved and certified by, among others, FIBA, EN14877 and ITF.

The floors pass the wet slip tests, something that not many other floor tiles do.

Smart accessories

With the Bergo Line Strips you can create lines and less or no painting is required. With Edge Strips and Corner Strips, a neat finish is created.

Easy to install

Make a quick makeover with Bergo sports flooring! Without tools, chemicals, screws or glue, the floor is laid quickly. For fixed or portable installation.


Minimal maintenance

Bergo Sports Flooring requires minimal maintenance for many years to come.

Environmentally friendly

Made from environmentally friendly, UV stabilized 100% recyclable PP composite. No microplastics, emissions or migrating particles during use or production.


Bergo Sports Flooring are produced in Sweden, has a long service life and comes with a 15-year guarantee.


Choose your sport and see more:

Design your own court

With Bergo Courtbuilder, you can draw your own sports court with a few clicks and choose colors from our standard range. You can then share the document with a friend or with us for a quote request.

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