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Sports floor for Floorball

Bergo floorball floor - the perfect playing field

A cracked, worn and grey floorball court does not attract to play

Bergo Ultimate Floorball Søndre Høland Norway 10

Attractive, maintenance-free and draining floorball courts attract to play!

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Bergo Sport Floor has the right properties for floorball and is used for stationary installations as well as for tournaments.

Bergo Flooring is an official supplier to the Norwegian Bandy Federation and to big tournament such as the Swedish Floorball Open and Ängelholm Outdoor.


Our sports floors made of 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable material are built for games in all weather conditions and come with a 15-year guarantee.


Do you want a sport court for permanent installation or for events? Bergo Sport Floor is easy to install and move and requires no glue or special tools. With Bergo sports flooring, you can easily create an attractive surface, with built-in lines and goal areas.


Our sports floors are, among other things, approved according to the European standard EN14877 and also meet the requirements for floors that are exposed to strong sunlight, rain, cold and ice.


Bergo floorball - a perfect solution for floorball tournaments

Bergo sports floors dominate large floorball tournaments and are the perfect surface for intense games. Bergo Flooring is a proud partner for several prominent floorball tournaments, including Ängelholm Outdoor and Sweden Floorball Open.


For many years Bergo Flooring has been the supplier of app. 1800 m2 of Bergo Multisport floors at one of the world’s biggest floor ball tournaments: Swedish Floorball Open. Hundreds of teams and players during several days at this big event.


This is what the organizer of the Swedish Floorball Open says:

"For one day to another, we created a big, colourful and temporary sport arena with Bergo Sport floors, where we proud could present the big event Swedish Floorball Open. I would say that it has gone very well, the floor worked perfect and was very good looking. The floor were laid on concrete and since we have laid it before, we know how to install and there were no problems. After the event, we easily disassembled the floor into bit sheets and they will now be stored for next year’s event. We are really satisfied and are very pleased to recommend Bergo Sport floor from Bergo Flooring".

/ Rickard Detterberg, organiser


Advantages of Bergo floorball

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Approved floors

A sports floor has high demands. Our strong, draining and ventilated sports floors are tested, approved and certified by FIBA, EN14877 and ITF.

The floors pass the wet slip tests, something that not many other floor tiles do.

Smart accessories

With the Bergo Line Strips you can create lines and less or no painting is required. With Edge Strips and Corner Strips, a neat finish is created.

Easy to install

Make a quick makeover with Bergo sports flooring! Without tools, chemicals, screws or glue, the floor is laid quickly. For fixed or portable installation.


Minimal maintenance

Bergo Sports Flooring requires minimal maintenance for many years to come.

Environmentally friendly

Made from environmentally friendly, UV stabilized 100% recyclable PP composite. No microplastics, emissions or migrating particles during use or production.


Bergo Sports Flooring are produced in Sweden, has a long service life and comes with a 15-year guarantee.


Bergo Flooring is an official partner of the following floorball federations and organizations:




Here we have collected some examples of floorball courts. You can combine any colors you want from our standard range.

Design your own court

With Bergo Courtbuilder, you can draw your own sports court with a few clicks and choose colors from our standard range. You can then share the document with a friend or with us for a quote request.

Click below to get started!


The installation of the Bergo Ultimate-series is generally quite straightforward. You simply connect the tiles and secure them in place by tapping them down. However, it's important to consider several factors before proceeding with the installation, such as the subground on which the flooring will be installed.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to carefully review Bergo's installation instructions both during the groundwork planning and before the installation. If you have any uncertainties, please feel free to seek guidance from Bergo or your authorized Bergo dealer.

Please follow Bergo's installation instructions along with the specific layout plan provided by Bergo Flooring or your authorized Bergo dealer when installing the surface.

Bergo Ultimate Floorball Søndre Høland Norway 14 Kopia

Video installation

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