Our business area PUBLIC offers a range of different products for public spaces such as outdoor cafés, industrial environments, exhibition halls, pool areas, shops, etc.

Floor tiles:

System 1 (30 x 30 cm) is a sound, technical product, designed for professional installers.
System 2 (38 x 38 cm) works well in most home environments and is aimed at DIY installers.


BERGO TURF – A sustainable doormat in an innovative design. For home use or light-traffic public spaces.

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The following products are included in the Public series. Click on the product for more information:

Bergo Supreme


Bergo Supreme Dark blue.jpg

Bergo Royal

BERGO ROYAL™ is part of the System 1-floors and is a sound, technical all-round-product. A classic best-seller, available in an extensive range of colours.


Bergo XL

Bergo XL™ is an alternative to our classic Royal, just in a larger format.

Bergo XL floor tile in color White

Bergo Unique

Bergo Unique™ is the strongest floor tile within the System 2-floors.


Bergo Elite

BERGO ELITE™ is a solid tile that forms part of the System 2-floors.


Bergo Nova

BERGO NOVA™ is a solid tile that forms part of the System 2-floors.

Nova_Bergo_Graphite_Grey.jpg (1)

Bergo Soft Tile

Bergo Soft Tile™ - a series of soft, slip reducing and antibacterial flooring for wet areas to provide extra security and comfort in public spaces.


Bergo Solid

A unique flooring concept for areas with high demands.


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