Physical inactivity is now identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. Let's make a difference together!



How to get people active

• Offer alluring activity areas, always accessible.
• Creating meeting points around sport activities.
• Let the areas be accessable for everyone.


• Better results in school/work.
• Less illness – Gives energy.
• Less screentime – Focus on people.
• Increased self confidence.
• Psychological health – Happiness.

If the Sports movement reaches 100 young people, will:

• 5 less not suffer from depression.
• 25 less have stomach ache and headache.
• 5 gets better school results. 

If the Sports movement reaches 100 more middle-ages adults:

100 more middle-ages adults:
• It will save 2 persons from diabetes-type 2.
• It will save 5 people from heart attack.
• It will save 15 people from high blood pressure.

Source reference:
The Swedish National Sports Confederation



A major challenge in society are the growing 
health problems among children and
youngsters. Read more here...


The process of integrating people from 
different backgounds can be done in many ways. 
Different activities are arranged around the world 
- one is sporting! Read more here...


We care about people and planet. 
Read more here...  


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