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Floors for garage

Bergo Garage floor - for a neat and organized look

Say goodbye to cold and damp garages

A garage often has a cold and grey concrete floor that does not feel pleasant to look at and walk on. With floor tiles for garages, you can easily make a quick transformation and make the room a pleasant and practical surface.

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A neat, maintenance-free and drained floor makes storage and car maintenance more enjoyable

With an esthetical appealing Bergo floor, you immediately create a pleasant atmosphere in your garage or storage space. The stylish floor provides a sense of order and structure, making it easier to organize and keep your belongings in place. It will be an inviting place where you want to spend time and where you can easily find what you need.

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Garage floor

We produce durable, draining and easy-to-lay floors for your garage.


Our floors for the home environments made of 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable material are built for all weather conditions and come with a 10 year warranty.


Our floors are available in several models and colors that can easily be laid in different color combinations. Only your imagination sets limits!


When you walk in the garage on the Bergo tiles, you will notice that they provide an extra feeling of warmth and comfort compared to walking directly on the cold concrete floor. The Bergo tiles act as a barrier that prevents the cold temperature from being transferred to your feet. You also avoid puddles from the car during rain and snow.

Bergo Unique (50)

Floor tiles for smaller home garages

Bergo Floors can be laid directly on concrete, which are damp sub-floors that need to breathe. The Bergo floor allows the concrete to breathe, thanks to its built-in air gap. If you want even more ventilation, you can choose a design that also has a draining surface with a hole pattern. It works equally fine to lay the Bergo Floor on top of asphalt.

Bergo floors for home environments in smaller garages work very well where you drive the car straight in and out without turning the wheels. For larger garages and car shows, we recommend our stronger floor tiles for public environments, read more here.

Advantages of Bergo Garage flooring

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Approved floors

Our draining and ventilating floors for the home environment are tested and CE approved.

Smart accessories

Edge Strips and Corner Strips create a neat finish at the garage door.

Easy to install

Make a quick makeover! Without chemicals, screws or glue, the Bergo floor is laid quickly. For fixed or portable installation.


Minimal maintenance

Bergo floors require minimal maintenance for many years to come.

Environmentally friendly

Made from environmentally friendly, UV stabilized 100% recyclable PP composite. No microplastics, emissions or migrating particles during use or production.


Bergo Floors for home environments is produced in Sweden, has a long life span and comes with 10 years warranty.



Here we have collected some drawings with examples of garages in a home environment for inspiration. You can choose a color for your floor or mix several colors from our standard collection and create your own patterns. It's entirely up to you!


It is very easy to install a Bergo floor!

You don't need glue or special tools.
All that is needed is a rubber hammer and possibly a yardstick and saw.

Things to consider before installing the floor

Let the floor tiles stay for a few hours in the environment in which the floor is to be installed in order for the floor tiles to adapt  the same temperature. For good performance, always install your Bergo floor on a clean, hard and leveled surface. Leave a certain distance to any fixed objects so that the floor can expand and extract.

For minor unevenness and level differences, the floor is relatively compliant and adapts to the sub floor. In the case of a floor drain with a large gradient, it is advantageous to put an extra layer of floor tiles in pieces under the floor to bring it up to level.

When you start laying your Bergo floor, you should always start at the garage door to get any cutting at the very inside.


It works to drive the snowmobile into the garage at Bergo floor. We have several customers who had the floor for that purpose and also as a floor on the scooter trailer.

Point load

Bergo floors for home environments in smaller garages can handle the weight load from a car and works very well where you drive the car straight in and straight out without turning the wheels. For larger garages and car shows, we recommend our stronger floor tiles for public environments, read more here.

It is fine to change tires on our floors if, for example, you place a plank under the tire jack that distributes the weight load. Otherwise, you risk crushing the floor due to the point load that is on a small concentrated area.


Sometimes you need to anchor the floor with a bolt at the garage door, as depending on different conditions, for example a slippery subfloor or a heavy large car, it causes the floor to move when you drive in. Anchoring can be done afterwards if you need to.

Studded tires

After time, it may show a hint that it has been driven on the floor with studded tires, but nothing that disturbs nor impairs the function. It is also possible to replace individual tiles or rows where the car has been driven if you want after a long time.


The floor can be easily vacuumed and mopped and even high-pressure washed. The floor can be taken up in large sheets or strips at some point if cleaning has not been done for a long time. In between you have a seemingly fresh floor. The floor is produced in a non-organic material and thus cannot absorb moisture or mould.

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