A huge activity area for Uppsala residents

One of the goals for Uppsala Municipality is to create an active, inclusive and equal leisure time for children and young people. Between May and September 2021, the large bandy field at the Studenternas sports facility was transformed into a huge activity area, "Uppsala Summer Zone", accessible to everyone and free of charge.

An active summer was offered to Uppsala residents when the Studenternas sports facility between May and September was transformed into a 6360 m² activity area.

The colourful sports and activity areas from Bergo Flooring / Unisport included floorball, basketball / 3X3, futsal, handball, volleyball, badminton, mini tennis, pump track and various play surfaces.

- We have really seen results with our work to give children and young people a meaningful leisure time. This summer we had a total of 15,335 visitors to Uppsala Summer Zone! We could have received more, but were limited by corona restrictions, says Charlotta Karlsson, Leisure Strategist at Uppsala Municipality.

The project with Uppsala Summer Zone has included many collaborations. With the versatile and easy-to-lay sports courts from Bergo Flooring / Unisport, attractive and colourful activity areas were created. At the start of the project, future landscape architects decorated the area. There has also been collaboration with leisure staff. Jobs have been created for 47 young people working in the summer who have kept order and helped children and young people to start playing and trying out different sports. Fritidsbanken, which lends equipment completely free of charge, has provided, for example, balls, kick bikes, floorball sticks, etc. Sports clubs for basketball and floorball have had try-out days. Wheelchair basketball has been arranged for the disabled. The children have been involved and voted for the name Uppsala Summer Zone. So there have been many different parts that have worked together and created this fantastic summer for our children and young people.

- Many children do not have the opportunity for an active leisure time. Such as belonging to a sports association. There are also many children who do not get the opportunity to go on holiday. Uppsala Summer Zone has made it possible for them to have a valuable leisure time, make friends, solidarity and get to try out different sports, regardless of qualification and background. It is also fun that many who have tried basketball wanted to play more. KFUM Uppsala Basket has gained several hundred new members thanks to the project, which is fantastic fun, says Charlotta Karlsson.

One of Uppsala Municipality's tasks is to contribute to a vibrant and welcoming association activity that contributes to strengthening democracy and diversity and giving children and young people the opportunity for participation and influence. Uppsala Summer Zone is a good result of that. Next year in May 2022, Uppsala Summer Zone will return! The activity surfaces from Bergo Flooring will be laid back, but then in a slightly larger format. The interest in 3x3 basketball has been particularly huge, so additional basketball courts will be added to the area. In addition to this year's program, basketball and floorball tournaments will also be arranged for the summer.

- We have asked the children what they think about Uppsala Summer Zone and got, among other things, the answers: "This is where you make friends", "Everyone is equally valuable here".

It is fun that we have created a meaningful leisure time for the children, Charlotta Karlsson concludes.


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Charlotta Karlsson, Leisure Strategist, Uppsala Municipality, Charlotta.karlsson@uppsala.se

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Mikael Johansson, Project Manager, Uppsala Municipality, mikael.johansson@uppsala.se

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