A huge carpet of Bergo Floor Tiles on Sergels Torg

A lively work of art by Bergo floor tiles in thirteen different colours covers parts of Sergels Torg in Stockholm and is created by the artist Cilla Ramnek.

About a year ago, "På Sergels Torg" began a conversation with the artist Cilla Ramnek about creating a site-specific work for Sergels Torg. Her idea, which was presented in the form of a pearl plate, was a huge rug that would temporarily cover parts of the square and Jörgen Kjaergaard's classic black and white pattern.


The artist Cilla Ramnek's idea - from a pearl plate to a huge rug on Sergels Torg. Photo: Cilla Ramnek.


Cilla Ramnek is a textile designer at heart. In her work she almost always refers to textile techniques, without using textile materials. The embroidery knot, the stitch in a knitting or the weft in a fabric. The creation itself, comes to something like a painting. Big draws first, lines, then balance hot and cold, playing with denominations and details.

- I never use a computer when I create my idea. First, I draw, then I use pearls, then usually ceramics tiles, says Cilla Ramnek.

The artwork is a hybrid between folk art and graffiti. A pattern collision and colour explosion that takes hold of the place and reflects neon lights, advertising messages, the architecture of the facades, Öhrström's glass obelisk, the stretch of the streets and the constant movement of traffic.

- I was extremely inspired by the mere thought of making a rug just for this place. My work is always site-specific. I am from Stockholm and very interested in how the city develops, architecture etc. I immediately felt that it would be a large rug. I came to think of Bergo's floor tiles, I have tested them a bit before. I read about the material and studied the colour scale. The case was ready! Phantastic material to work with, says Cilla Ramnek.

The eye-catching large and colourful work of art with 580 square meters or 6,336 tiles is now in place and will cover parts of Sergels Torg until mid-August.


 It took four days for Cilla Ramnek and her team to install the artwork. Film: Clement Morin


See more on Instagram @cillaramnek and @pasergelstorg.

About Cilla Ramnek: Cilla Ramnek was born, is living and working in Stockholm. She graduated in textile art at the University of Arts, Crafts & Deign in Stockholm in 1990. She has since then developed into a multiculturalist and creator who moves freely in-between materials, commercial assignments and investigative work in the studio, solo or group exhibitions, art for public environment, books, lectures, design, exhibition design and curator assignments.

About "Sergels Torg": is a site collaboration project between the city of Stockholm, local property owners, business sector and civil society. We want to create a living Sergels Torg where people can share cultural experiences in the public space.

About Bergo Flooring: Bergo Flooring develops approved and award-winning multifunctional floors for various applications for sports, events, public environments, home environments and marine floors. Development and production take place in our own factory in Anderstorp, Sweden since 1972 and is the original.

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Photos: Clement Morin 

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