Bergo Flooring delivers sports surfaces to the sports arena Studenterna’s major investment

Bergo Flooring has delivered seven different sports courts to the arena Studenternas in Uppsala. Bergo Flooring works to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone and is happy that Uppsala municipality now can practice various sports for a large part of the year.

In recent years, the interest from the municipalities in offering open activity areas for everyone in the community has increased explosively. Uppsala with its large sports arena Studenternas, with an area of ​​6360 sqm, has chosen to invest in Bergo Flooring's attractive multifunctional sports floor for various sports. This is completely in line with Bergo Flooring's vision WISH - to attract physically activation, socialization and integration by offering attractive sports surfaces for everyone.

“ ̶ This is our largest project in Sweden and we are proud to be able, together with sports equipment supplier Unisport, to deliver our multifunctional sports floors to a historic and beautiful arena such as Studenternas," says Peder Ståhl, Project Manager Sport at Bergo Flooring.

The residents in Uppsala can now be happy to have access to attractive surfaces for floorball, basketball / 3x3, futsal, handball, volleyball, badminton, mini tennis, pump track and various play areas.


Find out more? Please contact: Bergo Flooring, Peder Ståhl, Project Manager Sports,, +46 371–587712


About Bergo Flooring

Bergo Flooring develops approved and award-winning multifunctional floors for various applications for sports, events, public environments, home environments and marine floors in their own factory in Anderstorp, Sweden since 1972 and is the original.

Bergo Sport floors are well tested and approved all weather sports floors that are available in different designs.

Some benefits that Bergo Sport Floors offers:

- Colorful courts attract play, sports and integration.
- Quick make over.
- Integrated lines.
- Strong and easy to install, also for events.
- Long time warranty - 15 years.
- Quick installation without hammer. No chemicals, glue etc.
- No emissions / migrating particles during use.
- 100% recyclable products


About WISH

WISH - an environmentally sustainable solution from Bergo that contributes to better health and integration, worldwide. Read more:



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