Bergo Flooring in new collaboration with Arvika Idrottscenter AB ̶ delivers sports floors for pop tennis and 3x3

Bergo Flooring has entered a collaboration with Arvika Idrottscenter AB, with a common goal, to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Bergo Flooring delivers sports surfaces for 3x3 basketball and pop tennis in Arvika harbour. This is part of the development of the new outdoor multisport arena that is beginning to take shape. Later this year, a new sport will also be introduced in Sweden - pop tennis. Arvika is the first in Europe, where Bergo Flooring is supplying the multifunctional sport court.

In recent years, 3x3 has grown exponentially. The sport is played on half a basketball court, with a basketball goal and three players per team. The citizens of Arvika will get to take part in this - at a meeting place for everyone in Arvika harbour.

̶  We are delighted to be part of this project that promotes a healthier society. Arvika Idrottscenter AB shares our vision WISH with accessible space for all, for better health, socialization and integration. We see an increased interest in ball sports in Sweden. That we will also deliver our sports flooring for a completely new sport in Sweden, Pop Tennis, feels very delighting and exciting, says Peder Ståhl, Project Manager Sport at Bergo Flooring.

Peder further explains that their new sports floor Bergo Ultimate™ is the only one in Sweden that meets the EN standard for outdoor sports floors.

Pop tennis is suitable for all ages and is a completely new sport in Sweden. It is like regular tennis but is played on a smaller court with a lower net, soft ball and shorter rack.

The sport comes from the USA and is now being implemented in Europe. Behind this are two companies, where one company is responsible for the licensing rights for pop tennis Europe, ESG and the other is then Arvika Idrottscenter AB. Co-owners of the companies are former tennis star Magnus Norman, the ice hockey profile Jörgen Jönsson, the author Andreas Slätt, the entrepreneur Per Morten Karlsen and the idea founder Lars Månsson.

Other partners in Arvika Idrottscenter AB include Bonnierförlagen, Wilson and Länsförsäkringar.


Find out more? Please contact: Peder Ståhl, Project Manager Sports at Bergo Flooring,, 0371-587712


About Bergo Flooring

Bergo Flooring develops approved and award-winning multifunctional floors for various applications for sports, events, public environments, home environments and marine floors. Development and production takes place in our own factory in Anderstorp, Sweden since 1972 and is the original.


Bergo Sport floors are tested and approved sports floors that are available in different designs for all weathers.

Some benefits that Bergo Sports floor offers:

- Colourful courts attract play, movement and integration.
- Quick make over.
- Integrated lines.
- Strong and easy to install floors, also for events.
- Long lifetime - 15-year warranty.
- Quick installation without hammer. No chemicals, glue etc.
- No emissions / migrating particles during use.
- 100% recyclable products


About Wish

WISH - an environmentally sustainable solution from Bergo that contributes to better health and integration, worldwide. Read more:


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