Bergo Flooring is nominated "Surface protector of the year”

Bergo Flooring was nominated "Surface protector of the year 2016” as they proved how their floor tiles in an economical way solve moisture problems associated with concrete floors.

For the sixth year in a row, the conference “Surface Protection” is arranged. This is Scandinavian’s largest conference about protection and renovation of metal and concrete surfaces. With the award "Surface protector of the year", U & D together with the Surface Protect Group, want to make attention to innovative individuals and companies, who has products and/or methods for renovation and surface protection that increases life expectancy, reduced the environmental impact and improved the value of equipment, structures and objects.

"- We are very proud of this nomination. To be nominated gives us clear evidence that we have good products that solve problems and meet the technical requirements that our users value," says Eric Anderzon, CEO of Bergo Flooring.

 "Bergo Flooring's multifunctional floors provide an environmentally friendly, safe and cost efficient solution. Bergo Tiles permit the subfloor to "breathe ", which prevents moisture from becoming trapped inside. The floor also drains rain, which prevents puddles, for example, on a sports court outdoors! Bergo tiles are available in many different designs and colors, developed for many applications. The installation can easily be done by yourself and can with great advantage be installed e.g. in garages, basements, laundry rooms and patios. In public environments e.g. in car showrooms, boutiques and outdoor cafes. In mobile environments such as fairs, racing- and corporate events. At sporting grounds and playgrounds as well as on ship decks all around the world. "

Winner of the “Surface Protector of the Year” (Swedish: “Årets Ytskyddare") is announced February 9 at the Surface Protection Conference (Swedish “Ytskydd 2016") in Gothenburg.

More information about the conference here (Swedish)


This is Bergo Flooring

With 45 years of experience, Bergo Flooring is the world leader in multi-functional floor tiles. Their award-winning products are specifically developed for five different business areas: HOME, PUBLIC, EVENT, SPORT and MARINE. All production takes place in Anderstorp, Sweden and 75% of sales are exported to all around the world.


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