Bergo Flooring is official flooring supplier to the Norwegian Bandy Federation

Bergo Flooring announces collaboration. Bergo Flooring, together with Pureplay and Unsiport Scandinavia, is official flooring supplier to the Norwegian Bandy Federation.

Bergo Flooring, which is world leader in multifunctional floor tiles, has together with Unisport Scandinavia AS and Pureplay AS entered into an agreement to become the Norwegian Bandy Federation's official supplier of all types of sports floors. The multi-year agreement, which applies to the Norwegian Bandy Federation and the bandy regions in Norway, has been in force since September 2020 and is part of the promotion of floorball in Norway.

Floorball is a popular sport in Norway, and the number of players is increasing. Bergo Flooring delivers sports floors for all purposes. Bergo Multisport is a mobile floor that can be laid on most surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, for example in schoolyards, parks, parking lots or other places.

From left: Jan Magnar Ingebrigtsli, Pureplay, Tomas Jonsson, Secretary General of the Norwegian Bandy Association and Tommy Skjønsholt, Pureplay 

- We are pleased to collaborate with one of the world's leading brands in sports flooring, says Tomas Jonsson, Secretary General of the Norwegian Bandy Federation. An important reason why we wanted this collaboration is that Bergo Flooring, and with Swedish quality, offers the best floor to play floorball outdoors on, both in terms of functionality, durability and gaming joy. Our players get professional courts that attract more people to practice the sport.

Tomas Jonsson says further:  

- Floorball is a sport that is growing big in Norway. During 2020/21, Pureplay has installed 16 floor ball courts around the country. These have created great interest from players and the general public. Behind the project are Norwegian Bandy Federation, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and Pureplay in collaboration with municipalities and sports clubs.


Bergo Flooring / Unisport Scandinavia AS / Pureplay are active suppliers who are involved in the development of health, activity and integration and all parties sees the Norwegian Bandy Federation as a good partner in the work to create a healthier society.

Bergo Flooring develops approved and award-winning multifunctional floors for various applications for sports, events, public environments, home environments and marine floors. Development and production take place in our own factory in Anderstorp, Sweden since 1972 and is the original. Bergo Sport floors are well tested and approved as sports surfaces and are available in different designs for all weathers. Bergo Flooring provides sports floors for many large tournaments and is the official floor supplier to the Swedish and German Basketball Federation.

Unisport Scandinavia is a leading supplier within sports facilities and sports equipment in Norway and in the rest of the Nordic countries.

Pureplay is an exclusive supplier of equipment to the Norwegian Bandy Federation and supplies sports equipment to sports clubs and sports teams in Norway. The company group consists of competent partners from the Norwegian Bandy Federation.



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