Bergo Flooring is the official flooring supplier to the Danish Basketball Federation

The sports floor supplier Bergo Flooring will be a new partner to the Danish Basketball Federation. The agreement, which includes floor for 3x3 basketball outdoor games, is written over 2 years.

Photo: Tom Andreasen

- We have worked with floor solutions for basketball for many years and know what a sports floor in different climates and with different conditions requires. We deliver floors with high quality and the right properties to create the best possible conditions. We look forward to a great collaboration with the Danish Basketball Federation, says Peder Ståhl, Project Manager Sport at Bergo Flooring.

With 50 years of experience, Bergo Flooring is an experienced player who has delivered thousands of sports courts to federations, schools and municipalities around the world. The basketball courts are certified by the international basketball federation FIBA, which is an important stamp of quality, both for the company and the products.

- We collaborate actively with partners who can help 3x3 basketball to grow. Through the collaboration with the Danish Basketball Federation, we can offer a professional solution that creates joy, integration and better health, Peder continues.

3x basketball is a structured competition form of street basketball and is a simpler, more stripped-down form of basketball. 3x3 is one of the world's fastest growing sports and has also become an official competition sport in the Olympics. In Denmark, the interest in 3x3 is growing and since 2013, the federation has had an increase of one thousand new members per year. Today, the sport is mostly practiced on, for example, old, worn-out asphalt pitches. There is a need for good, accessible and attractive basketball courts in Denmark.

Peder Ståhl, Bergo Flooring and Sebastian Brydegaard, DBBF shake hands outside the head office Idraettens Hus in Brøndby and look forward to the collaboration that they hope will lift basketball in Denmark. 
Photo: DBBF

- We are extremely happy that we have acquired the best supplier for outdoor sports floors. The partnership means that the federation gets an attractive basketball court for national games and that clubs and districts get an opportunity to acquire excellent floors and thus increase the chances of attracting players through several playing areas. By creating attractive and professional basketball courts, we believe that interest in basketball will increase even more. We also share Bergo Flooring's vision of encouraging children and young people to physical activity and that is exactly what we want to work with as well, says Sebastian Brydegaard, director of the Danish Basketball Federation.

Bergo Flooring was founded in 1972 and this year celebrates 50 years as a multifunctional flooring supplier. All floors are developed and produced in Sweden and offer sports floors for both indoors and outdoors, certified for many different sports. Bergo Ultimate PLUSTM is specially developed for the tougher sports and is, among other things, certified by the International Basketball Federation FIBA.


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