Bergo Flooring official sponsor and floor supplier to the Swedish Basketball Federation 3x3

In recent years, the street basketball-inspired sport 3X3 has grown exponentially. The sport, which is played on half a basketball court, against a basketball hoop and with three players in each team, becomes a new Olympic branch for the Olympics in Tokyo. Bergo Flooring delivers the floors that are quickly assembled into playing courts and which can also be moved and laid on any smooth surface.


Bergo Flooring's sports floor Bergo Multisport is specially developed to provide the right resistance, bounce and friction and is excellent for outdoor games. Weather and wind do not affect the functionality of the floor and since the floor has small holes, rain can quickly drain off.


The floor tiles that are assembled by a simple click are extremely easy to install and no glue or screw is needed. The floor can be laid directly on surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and most hard and smooth surfaces.


It is a great honour to become an official sponsor and 3X3 floor supplier to the Swedish Basketball Association, says Emil Lindén, CEO of Bergo Flooring. We want to promote movement and by being able to deliver a floor to a playing field that is assembled in just one hour, we hope that more people will be able to discover the possibilities for spontaneous sports.

The floor also meets the international basketball association FIBA's standards and is, according to evaluations made by Chalmers University of Technology, gentle on the back and joints.


- Through 3x3, we make basketball more accessible to even more people as the game form can be played anywhere and on a small surface. For the development, it is therefore important that new courts are made, that more outdoor plans are refurbished and that we take the sport to places where it was not expected. Having a partner like Bergo Flooring, who is responsive and delivers floors with high quality and flexibility is extremely important to us, says Mats Elsnitz, 3x3 manager at the Swedish Basketball Federation.


Bergo Flooring is regularly delivering basketball courts to basketball clubs and previously to the Olympics in London, for Nike's 3x3 tournaments and to the German Basketball Federation.


Photo: Anders Tillgren

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