Ditec Car Care Center can work without wearing shoes...

Ditec Car Care Center in Gislaved proudly show their facility

Ditec Gved Bilder

Ditec Car Care Center in Gislaved

Monika and Jan Olofsson proudly show off their facility after installing Bergo Premium, and in this way received a major boost in their work environment.

Our customers leave their car to us with the expectation of getting it back in a perfect condition. Obviously, the first impression is crucial in their sense of security and confidence to leave their vehicle with us, says Jan. After we installed the floor, several clients spontaneously express themselves "Wow! Here it is neat and tidy!"  That's exactly the feeling we want them to have when they step into our workshop, Jan continues. Earlier we had a badly polished cement floor, and what was the alternative for us? An epoxy coating can of course look good, but for how long? And how should we take care of all the puddles that gather around the rainy or snowy cars? Now we can more or less work on the car without wearing shoes regardless of the weather the cars comes from, says Jan.

Do you want to know more about what Monika and Jan think, and how it works in daily, so please call. You will find their contact information here http://www.bilvardscenter.se

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