How to keep voles out of the garden beds

Voles in your garden beds? A satisfied customer tells how the Bergo floor solved the problem.

How to keep voles out of the garden beds

Voles can sometimes create problems when they destroy in gardens. Like all rodents, it builds nests and tunnels below the ground. If you have greenhouses or cultivation boxes on the site, it can cause disarray by creating unwanted tunnels and mounds in the middle of your vegetables. In addition, they eat them!

A satisfied customer sent us pictures of how he created a vole protection with the help of Bergo floor tiles. Smart idea and we are happy to share his tips!

He has a great growing interest and grows a lot of vegetables. This year he changed and expanded garden beds. The first image below showing a floor that has been in underground for 10 years and done its job. Despite the earth, the floor was completely intact and like new.


What you need to do is to create a physical protection against the voles by creating a sustainable barrier. This way, the voles will have to choose a different route as it will not pass the floor.

Do this:

  1. Plan the ground.
  2. Apply to nonwoven fabric.
  3. Tap several Bergo tiles into the desired surface and place it on the nonwoven fabric.
  4. Place cultivation collars on the floor.
  5. Fill with soil and plants.
  6. Clear and no voles will disturb anymore!

The customer explained that he had used other types of safety nets but that they had only lasted a few years and the sores came back. The Bergo floor, which became the best solution, is made of a durable material that lasts a lifetime in these conditions.

He has used design Bergo Royal for this purpose:





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