O'learys found the solution with Bergo Flooring

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When the well-known restaurant chain O'learys were to build a new restaurant in Nacka, Sweden, a floor covering for the outdoor area was needed. They wanted to create a stylish “O'learys atmosphere” with clear recognition factor. The contract supplier to O'learys, PS Skylt & Inredning, was asked to find an alternative flooring for the maintenance demanding wooden deck, they found the solution with Bergo Flooring. Bergo is installed directly on the substrate and is completely maintenance free. O´learys Nacka was the first to launch the new outdoor concept. Second in line is O´learys Borlänge, who install Bergo shortly.

The solution: 150 m2 maintenance free and draining Bergo floor in O'leary´s colors. The atmosphere creates a clear profile recognition!

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Installation. The floor is called Bergo XL, here in the colors Green Olive, Sand Storm and Moss Green.
Here the customer has chosen to put floor tiles diagonally which create an intriguing character.

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