The facility development agreement for basketball in Norway will ensure further growth

The Norwegian Basketball Federation invests heavily in developing facilities for basketball in Norway. Therefore, NBBF has entered into an agreement with the Swedish supplier Bergo Flooring for outdoor sports flooring for 3x3. It is the Norwegian company Pureplay AS that will be responsible for sales and distribution in Norway.

The lack of enough good playing surfaces is huge in Norwegian sports. This also applies to Norwegian basketball. Therefore, the NBBF is now making arrangements for Norwegian basketball clubs to acquire outdoor surfaces with FIBA ​​certification, to extend the outdoor season and grow the 3x3 sport. The agreement extends to 2025.

Lower threshold for participation

The outdoor floors, supplied by Bergo Flooring, come both as 5x5 and in 3x3 format. Pureplay AS will be responsible for distribution in Norway. Now that the agreement itself is in place, the NBBF is working hard to find favorable financing models for Norwegian clubs. - It is important to make the threshold as low as possible to ensure good surfaces and high participation, says Secretary General of NBBF Espen A. Johansen.

He is very concerned about the role good facilities play in the continued development of Norwegian basketball. - If we manage to influence the facility situation and improve it, I am sure that Norwegian basketball will take even bigger steps in the coming years than what we have shown with the growth of the last few years, he concludes.

Focus on a new Olympic discipline

Basketball 3x3 is a structured competitive form of street basketball and is a simpler, more pared down form of basketball. The competition form is one of the world's fastest growing sports and has also become an official competition in the Olympics. Several of the Norwegian clubs with the most growth in recent years have taken a significant share in the 3x3 segment. Several other measures have been initiated to strengthen 3x3 in Norway. With more good facilities, it will be easier for all Norwegian clubs to bet on both 5 on 5 basketball and 3x3.

Partners with long experience

With 50 years of experience, Bergo Flooring is an experienced player that has delivered thousands of sports fields to associations, schools and municipalities all over the world. The basketball courts, which are draining, are specially designed to provide the right resistance, bounce and friction and are ideal for outdoor play. The floor tiles are put together with a simple click, are extremely easy to install and can be laid directly on surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and other solid and smooth surfaces. The sports floor Bergo Ultimate Plus is certified by FIBA, which is an important quality stamp for both the company and the products, and a prerequisite for the NBBF.

Pureplay is a total supplier of outdoor courts for indoor bandy, basketball and soccer. The clubs in Norway investing in floor surfaces will be able to take help from Pureplay, everything from inspections, installation and service agreements.

- We look forward to helping clubs and the Norwegian Basketball Association get outdoor courts throughout Norway, says Tommy Skjønsholt, general manager of Pureplay AS.

Espen A. Johansen is also looking forward to seeing the results of the collaboration, and greater access to quality outdoor facilities.

- We look forward to a good collaboration with the Norwegian Basketball Association, where we will offer our attractive solutions that elevate basketball in Norway and at the same time attract community, joy, integration and better health, says Peder Ståhl who is project manager at Bergo Flooring.









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