Waste mountains turns into sports fields in Finland

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Around 8000 kg of previously discarded plastic arrives, to become multifunctional sports fields and tennis courts in Finland


There are national targets for increased recycling, and as an important step in Bergo Flooring's environmental commitment,
we have created a product range from 100% recycled material. We say that no plastic components should be made unnecessarily.
So we are now manufacturing flooring from discarded and recycled plastic. Our product are well-tried and approved, and around
70% of our products are exported. The first big export order of this recycled material is now going to Finland, where sports fields
and tennis courts have been ordered for a number of facilities.

“It's fantastic that Bergo Flooring can help reduce the mountains of waste in Sweden and in doing so equip the world with products
that will give pleasure to many people for years to come. These products last for years, as exemplified by the flooring on the Silja
Line ferries. This has lasted 25 years so far in the most extreme conditions you can expose a floor to,” says Eric Anderzon, CEO
of Bergo Flooring. “We have attracted a huge amount of attention with our ECO range, not least among municipalities that are now
improving their attractiveness profile and building casual sports grounds for their residents. We have put in some big tenders, and
every single order will contribute to a more sustainable and slightly better world,” concludes Eric Anderzon, Managing Director.

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