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We care about people and planet

We care about people and planet.

One of our greatest tasks is to make the world more sustainable. We must make sure that there are no harmful substances reaching the nature or humans. That is why we have chosen to work with the best and cleanest raw materials possible. Both to ensure a long lifetime of the product, but also to make it safe for our staff in production and the ones using our products.

We are not striving to find the cheapest available raw material, since that would affect our promise; to make safe and ECO-friendly products.

We have been making great flooring ever since we invented the first tile on the market back in 1972. BERGO is the original and we know what it takes to make an excellent product. 

Environmentally good solutions:

• Eco-friendly material, no harmful chemicals or migrating phthalates etc.
• Eco-friendly production.
• 100% recyclable - new products = circular economy.
• ECO-series-made from recycled materias.
• Reusable, in new locations.




Raw material

• Clean, non-hazardous materials* - No Bisphenols, No Phtalates/softeners

• Natural color pigments

• Our ECO-series has up to 100% recycled material

*Our Raw material is actually so good, that it is approved to be in direct contact with food (FDA-approved).
*To make sure our products are as good as we claim, we let the Governmental controlled Swedish
Chemicals Agency review us and our products.




• No harmful emissions during the process

• Electricity from clean renewable sources, no coal/oil

• Great working environment:

- Fair salaries

- Code of conduct

- No child labour

- Union membership is encouraged

- Proudly made in Sweden



• Low weight, stackable product
= efficient transportation

• All packaging materials are 100%



Product in use

• No emissions/migrating microplastics during use.

• Long lifetime - no replacement parts needed for many years to come.

• 15 years and 10 years warranty.

• Basically no need for added products/chemicals/glue, etc. for the installation.


Recycle / Reuse

• Reuse the present product in new locations / 2:nd hand market

• 100% Recyclable product - material for new products = circular economy

• Leaves no residues/particles after removal

• ”Cradle to cradle-perspective” - we will help customers to recycle



We are proud of being awarded by the Swedish Crown Princess for our enviromental work!


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